Theatre Camp

A fantastic new theatre, acting, filmmaking, production and script writing camp!

This is going to be a camp to truly change your life! Learning acting and improv skills, theatre and acting for the camera, stand-up, stagecraft, make-up and costume. Work in groups to build confidence and entertain each other. For those seriously wishing to take up acting or audition for work, we will hone skills and give focused direction.

Let your comedian out; create that film you've always wanted to shoot; learn how to create a show and stage it for our evening's entertainment; write a play and have the actors there to act it. We'll bring together and teach a wonderful range of techniques and skills, where everyone has a part to play.

There will be costume and music, drama and laughter, tears and self discovery, team work and fantastic evenings in the café being entertained. Films will be shot and you will gain the confidence to get up and be part of something.