Theatre Camp is held in a beautiful field overlooking the River Severn, hosting the marquees, domes, yurts and other spaces that house us for the summer. The field is home to several brown hares, which you may be lucky enough to see. On this site, our water comes from St. Anthony’s Well, locally renowned for its healing properties, and runs to our showers and sauna as well as the drinking water and standpipes around the site.

Our facilities are pretty luxurious for an off-grid site, and even include wood fired showers and sauna system! We have many large workshop spaces, a wholesome vegetarian café, firewood, eco loos, and even some retail opportunities for you to enjoy. We put a lot of love into our sites so they can be as comfortable and inspiring for you as possible. Our general ethos is one of sustainability and respect, and each camp is as low impact on the land and the environment as possible. as possible.

well as the drinking water and standpipes around the site.

The Cafe is the ideal place to meet up, relax, and enjoy the social ambience of the camp. It also hosts the performances in the evenings.

   This year we welcome back the fabulous Cafe Fantastico, which provides a full range of delicious home -cooked vegetarian meals, snacks, and drinks throughout the day. We use organic ingredients wherever possible, to provide delicious homecooked food, and will always do our best to cater for individual dietary needs.Please come and discuss any specific requirements with us when you arrive, so we can plan accordingly.


Waterworld is the name we give to the wood fired showers and sauna which are such a treat in a field. 

We also have sinks and freestanding taps around the field, for handwashing and to fill your water containers. This is all drinkable water, and comes from the pumping station at St. Anthony's Well, a beautiful local healing well.

Waterworld opens at 8am – you have to give the crew time to get everything up to temperature – and is available until sunset and beyond.


The toilets are currently long drop earth closets, and we ask that you help by putting a scoop of sawdust down after use to keep them smelling sweet.,